Let’s Start Racing!

Droidogs is a fun, exciting, and tactical game where you can own and race your droidogs to earn ETH.

Race Your Droidog

There are 33,000 droidog NFTs, 250,000 energy NFTs, and 500,000 trainer NFTs available on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT has unique stats that you will own.

Race Your Droidog

With a pack of droidog, trainer and energy tokens, you can enter in races that you can compete in live.

Build your pack and earn ETH from racing your droidogs better than your opponents. Or breed your strongest racers to create the best offspring.

Have a look at the game tutorial.

Our roadmap

Phase 1

Launch of private beta for early adopters only. Include Layer 2 integration for gasless transactions.

The estimated launch date is August 2022

Phase 2

Open beta to allow more races. Droidog grooming implemented. Rare trainer tokens and more powerful weapons implemented.

The estimated launch date is September 2022

Phase 3

Launch of our private auction system to help users buy and sell droidogs. Breeding implemented.

The estimated launch date is November 2022

Phase 4

Additional race events to keep things exciting implemented. Customization is implemented, allowing you to style your droidog how you like.

The estimated launch date is December 2022

Phase 5

Fully funded. We fire up the marketing machine, increase the race pool to allow for more races, add additional customization options, add race highlighting and airdrop our exclusive Dog Biscuits (DBS) token.

The estimated launch date is February 2023

Phase 6

A multiplayer metaverse, where users can visit the droidog park, socialize with other players, decorate their kennels, and show off their prizes and collection.

This feature will be added as a bonus. The link to our alpha for the kennels is available in our announcement channel on Discord.

About the team

Droidogs has been brought to you by the team of Clarendon Games. We are well known for tabletop games with over 500,000 unit sales and our decade of experience in gaming. Our aim is to create blockchain-enabled ventures that are used by as many people as possible, enjoyed for years, and remembered forever.

Our vision

We believe in a future where players become “stakeholders”, which means that they become owners of the game economy and earn part of the profits generated by the growth of the community. And we are excited to be part of this historical moment.

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